I’m a bad blogger!

Ok, I have MIA and have been letting this blog go. I know I don’t really have many (if any) readers but keeping up with this blog is really helpful in keeping up with and on my paleo/primal path so it is important to me to blog about my experience often. Much of the focus has been on food since I started but I do hope to start branching out into other areas of the primal lifestyle that I am trying to adhere to or want to try out.

Me and the man are planning on starting to work out very soon, hopefully  this week. We have been letting that slip while just concentrating on eating well and having been working a lot. We are going to look into some different programs that are popular amongst the paleo/primal set, such as Crossfit and P90X, I am also very interested in starting out with Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint for exercise which sounds very manageable for me and definitely gets results.

I think in the end it might just come down to how do I want my body to look over time? I think sticking to bodyweight exercises such as in the Primal Blueprint Plan might be more for me than the heavy lifting involved in Crossfit might be more conducive to the results I want to see for myself. But, I don’t know a whole lot about it at this point so will be doing some research and perhaps even trying some different things out to see what I like the best.

I do know regardless I want to stick with the basic gist of Mark Sisson’s idea of getting exercise: 2 or 3 days a week of moving slowly (walking, hiking, bike-riding), a couple days of lifting heavy things (myself, or weighted objects), and about one day a week of sprinting (all out exertion on an activity in short bursts), and lots of playtime that equates as exercise. Mark offers a free e-book on his fitness plan at his site, Mark’s Daily Apple. It is really helpful and offers laid out plans, examples of body weight exercises and lots of good stuff. I believe you have to sign up for the MDA Newsletter, which is not a bad idea, I have never been disappointed.

So the Whole30 is still going well, a third of the way through now. The only non-approved item I believe has been the ham we got, which I was just so excited about the deal (it was about $12 on sale and will last us DAYS), I didn’t think about the sodium nitrite/nitrate stuff. So, we have been eating it anyway, for paleo-ers on a budget it has been a very helpful item. Of course once I realized I wanted to do some research and see just what the deal is with this stuff. Apparently sodium nitrite is theorized to possibly play a role in causing pancreatic cancer, which is definitely bad, though unproven from what I can tell. I found this post at paleodietnews.com that shines a kinder light than generally found in the paleo forum on the subject. The research done was through a food survey, maybe not the most accurate mode, but the results seemed to show no marked difference in cancer occurence between those with higher levels of nitrites and nitrates in their diets. All in all it probably is safer to err on the side of caution and avoid the stuff when possible until more solid evidence comes around, but it did make me feel a bit better about this ham in my fridge.

Orange-glazed ham, Steamed Broccoli, & Sweet Potato Chips w/ Guac

Our fruit consumption has been cut down drastically, basically by the fact that we are out of fruit and money which means no more fruit for a bit. We did have some canned pineapple yesterday (no added sweeteners) and I’ve still got some frozen blueberries. We will be re-upping on groceries soon (financial aid money from school coming in this week) so making it through the Whole30 should be easy.

Our current dilemma is figuring out how to fit in all of this cooking and food-prepping in when school starts. It will be done, but finding ways to save some time will be incredibly useful. Also I need to figure out ways to eat when not at home. I prefer not to try eating out as finding approved Whole30 dishes away from home is difficult, not to mention, expensive. I have school a couple days a week from 9:30 until about 4 in the afternoon. I have a similar dilemma with work and I’ve been just throwing some nuts, coconut flakes, and frozen blueberries or whatever in a bag and bringing it along and if I feel hunger pangs coming on I snack on this til I can get home and cook something.

Paleo Munchie Mix

I am also not opposed to doing some IF (intermittent fasting) during the times I am in school (I usually skip breakfast, but we will see how it goes), but I would like to at least bring something along just in case my brain needs a boost, which is often the case.

As far as reducing time spent cooking during the week all I have thought of so far is cooking meat in advance, so that there are basically some ready-made meals for tight spots during the week. I would prefer to have freshly cooked meat for every meal, but I know there are going to be times where I really don’t want to take the time to cook an entire meal and would rather just throw a plate in the microwave for a few minutes and eat.

Burgers, Sweet Potato & Spinach, & Green Beans

As for results of the Whole30, can’t tell you weight lost so far really but I know I have lost some. Have had some waning energy levels over the last week or so due to the metabolic changes going on which I think has had a late onset due to the amount of fruit we were consuming the first week. Feeling really good otherwise, most noticeable changes so far have been in my skin, which I personally think feels much softer and definite improvements in acne issues, and feeling and looking slimmer for sure. I also was having issues with having rheumatoid arthritis-like pain in my joints after a day of work and this seems to have greatly delineated which I am very happy about.

Pork Chop, Baby Carrots, Radishes, & Blackberries

I am also happy to report I have been Diet Coke free from the beginning of this Challenge and hope to continue being free of this addiction after the challenge has ended. I know it will be hard to not give into the temptation of having a diet soda as an occasional treat, but I am pretty sure that would just lead to me going back to my old habits of drinking nothing but, so I think I’ll try to avoid it altogether. I have also cut back a lot lately on coffee and tea as well and have mostly been drinking water, which is great!

Chicken drumsticks, asparagus, & baby carrots

Oh and I keep forgetting to mention, I have been working my way through the Robb Wolf Paleo Solution Podcasts, free on iTunes, and find listening really inspirational and entertaining. I have kind of worked my way through from both ends, listening to the first episodes and working my way through, then listening to the newer ones. I highly recommend checking them out if you are interested in learning more about the paleo lifestyle, or are already here and just haven’t checked it out yet.

I would also like to throw in here just in case somebody reads and is interested you can find me on facebook under the name “Sabreteef” and on Twitter as well, @sabreteef. Thanks for reading and if you are on a paleo/primal journey as well, good luck and enjoy the benefits! I sure am!


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  1. One of my fall-backs when I am away from home and hungry is a small tin of sardines or mackeral with a possible desseert of a small bag of almonds. I have found that I can get these in most stores although the fish is often in sunflower oil, I prefer spring water or olive oil if possible. It does stop me from eating something which I may later regret 🙂

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