Whole30 Day *Two

Still going strong on this Whole30 Challenge thing. I don’t think I have mentioned yet that we purchased some calf livers on our shopping expedition. I have never eaten livers of any sort and the more I think about it the more scared I get. I open the fridge and look at them sitting there in their liver juice, I’ve picked them up and they are squishy. Scary. I will give it a go though, not sure when, but probably soon since eating bad liver is even scarier.

Day Three went pretty good, there were actually some goodies on the break table at work that I could eat (veggie tray) so I had some baby carrots, celery sticks, and sugar snap peas (yom!). I didn’t eat breakfast which is often the case when I have to be at work before noon but I threw a small handful of almonds, same of brazil nuts, a big handful of coconut flakes, and some frozen blueberries in a bag so I would have something if I needed some energy. It was actually pretty damn good, the blueberries thawed up and the juice from them made the coconut flakes all juicy. I am somewhat off and on again obsessed with trail mix and since venturing into paleo-land have been wanting to make some paleo trail mix (I ate a lot of sugary candy-like trail mix before). This was a good start for sure so I know it can be done! I just have to try and keep myself from eating crazy amounts of nuts in a day.

I got home from work and had some of the leftover ham from Christmas (yep we still got some, not much though). I fried it up and then scrambled some eggs in coconut oil topped with some salsa. I love scrambled eggs and meat for it’s simplicity and quick cooking time. I do need to find some alternatives to eggs for breakfasts/quick meals. Probably after my Whole30 is over, I want to give Robb Wolf’s autoimmune diet tips a try. I definitely have a lot of autoimmune issues going on and am willing to try it and see if it helps enough to give up some things. Problem is there are some fairly main staples in my diet on the list, like eggs and onions in particular.

Quick & Easy-Ham & Eggs & Strawberries

Dinner was AWESOME, rivaling the rib-eye steak and mashed cauliflower from the day before. Boneless pork ribs, sweet potatoes, and salad.

The easiest, best way for us to cook the ribs was baked in the oven, though I would have loved to throw them on a grill. We threw the bunch in a casserole-like dish (?) and seasoned them with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper and baked at 350F for nearly an hour and a half. They came out really good, tender and juicy. I nuked a couple sweet potatoes wrapped in saran wrap in the microwave to get them kind of tender then sliced them up and cooked them the rest of the way on the stove top with some coconut oil and seasoned them with salt, pepper, and cinnamon. (The man says he is getting tired of cinnamon so I supposed I’ll have to stop going there soon). The salad was just pre-mixed organic spring mix with red onion and tomato added, and tossed in salt, pepper, olive oil, and vinegar.

That was a very delicious and satisfying meal! I was fretting about bbq sauce (I am from TX and am accustomed to bbq sauce with my meat) but I thought the ribs were juicy enough to stand on their own. I tried flitting around the internet for some Whole30 approved bbq sauce recipes, came up with a little, so maybe I’ll try some out here soon.

I am glad to make it past the third day, I find that day three of often the hardest when it comes to a lot of things I’ve experienced. Quitting smoking cigarettes and fasting are two that immediately come to mind. Day 3 for both of those things is torture for me. I wouldn’t say day 3 of strict paleo was torture, the diet coke thing is probably the hardest but it is not like I’m detoxing from caffeine, I drink plenty of coffee and tea. So I only expect it to get easier from here on out and look forward to feeling and looking a lot better!

And even toward the end of day four (where I’m at currently) I already am feeling and seeing some results. The acne I was getting from my stint of sweets and other badnesses at the end of last month has cleared up and no signs of return, I haven’t felt gross and bloated once since starting my Whole30 which is common after eating a SAD meal for me, my energy levels seem pretty good, though I won’t be surprised if they wane during the overall transition, and I just feel mentally happy with myself for really doing this and eating so healthy and knowing that I’m going to see some great results from this.



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