Whole30 Day One (aka Yesterday)

The Whole30 Challenge began yesterday but it was a a busy day and we usually have dinner kind of late so being a day behind is probably how it is gonna be.

I have not had any diet coke at all since the challenge began which I’m pretty damn proud of. I am doing good with that other than I habitually think about it all the time, like on my way to work, from work, and all of those times I usually would be picking up a soda.

As far as beverages it has been water, coffee, and trying out all the nifty teas we have around here. Coconut milk and occasionally a dash of cinnamon is how I drink all of it (except the water), and I very quickly got used to the lack of sweetness and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Another new experience was making clarified butter (ghee) with what was left of our grass-fed butter (which wasn’t much). I am not sure it was a flying success, I think I should have ended up with more clarified butter, but I apparently have not mastered the skimming of the milk solids from the top. From about a stick I ended up with maybe an ounce or two. I have not checked prices yet (haven’t been to the grocery store that carried ghee yet) but if buying it already done isn’t a whole lot more than butter I’m gonna skip all the work I think. We shall see.

We didn’t really do breakfast, I slept in LATE and the man had to be at work at 6 am. I started working on lunch when I got up though and we had chicken and butternut squash with sauteed onions. I just threw a banana on the plate because after dealing with the squash I got pretty lazy. We don’t have our own oven so I used the microwave and it was kind of a pain in the a**. Poked some holes in it and cooking it for a LONG TIME then painstakingly got the squash out of the shell. I guess I just suck at that or something. 🙂 Part way through I did cut it in half and throw some salt, pepper, and coconut oil on it for the rest of heating. All in all it ended up a pretty filling and delicious meal.

Chicken Breast, Butternut Squash and Onions, and a banana!

For dinner we had a special occasion meal. Big, juicy rib-eye steaks that I bought to have for dinner on our first day of the challenge, Mashed cauliflower, and asparagus. The steaks were (of course) cooked rare, and this was my first time with mashed cauliflower as well. I think maybe it needed to be steamed a bit longer for the purpose, of course this was done in the microwave in a bowl with a little water in it. I just did 3-4 minute length times until it seemed smooshy enough then went to town on it with a potato masher (no food processor here). I wanted to get the super smooth texture but it ended up kinda chunky, which was still really delicious. I mixed in some of the clarified butter I made, some minced garlic, salt, and pepper. The asparagus was cooked in a pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I think I could eat this meal every day!

Rare Rib-Eye, Mashed Cauliflower, and Asparagus

And of course, with any special occasion meal you’ve gotta have desert! I cut up some strawberry, kiwi, and banana and mixed it all up in some whole canned coconut milk and stuck it in the fridge while we ate. The coconut milk thickened up nicely and I could also eat this every day, all day long. 🙂

Fruit in Coconut Milk-Chilled

So yes, a successful first day on the Whole30. I am looking forward to losing weight during this challenge, and while I’m not going to post my current stats or anything, I will definitely be posting weight/inches lost at the end. I will post my actual stats when I can be super proud of them!

Here is a pic of our Whole30 grocery run. $60.33 worth and it is probably about a week’s worth, if that. We have enough to re-up though. We will definitely have to budget a lot tighter by the end of the month but for now we have some extra cash to put into our food and make it successfully through this challenge.

$60.33 worth of Whole30 approved groceries

We are still working on dinner for today (2nd day) so I will just keep with the day behind thing for now. If you are doing a Whole30 Challenge this month (which I know many people are) have a great time, I know I am!


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