Goodbye 2011, hello 2012!

I am looking forward to embarking on my first Whole30 Challenge starting tomorrow. Making it through 30 days of strict paleo will be the longest I’ve gone paleo thus far altogether and I am really excited about it. And I won’t be alone, my man is planning on doing this with me and we are both eager to the see the results. I am planning on doing some weighing and measuring tomorrow in order to compare the end results, but we won’t weigh or measure over the course of the challenge per the rules.

I will post about the experience as we go. Some new ones we will be having will be making clarified butter with what is left of our grass-fed butter, but I’m thinking we will go with completely non-dairy cooking fats when that runs out, mostly coconut oil, olive oil, and lard I’m guessing.

Since we decided to start out 2012 with Whole30 we have gone a little off the deep end the past week. We do plan on continuing with our less strict version of paleo when this is all over so we have been taking the opportunity to say good-bye to some naughty favorites. These have mostly comprised of donuts, ice-cream, chocolate milk, and red wine. Tonite, to bring in the new year I’m drinking of couple of New Castles, eating a couple of tacos, and having one each of my two favorite candy bars (York Peppermint Patty & a Butterfinger).

While I am eating all of these things, I can’t really say that I’m truly enjoying it (except maybe for the beer and wine), but letting go is just kind of hard I guess. These things are addictive for me and I’m about to go off all of them cold turkey. And omfg, I didn’t even mention the worst yet. Diet Coke. I will also be giving up Diet Coke for the next 30 days, and maybe even forever if I’m lucky. I have half a 2-liter in the fridge to finish off before I get in bed for maybe just one more night of bad sleep. 🙂

Soon I’ll be going on the solid Whole30 grocery shopping trip, I will post pics and a shopping list soon.

Happy new year everyone, here is to your health and mine and feeling good and fit in 2012!


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