Cashew-Encrusted Onion Rings and Curing MS

Had a pretty good day food wise, buttery eggs with onions and salsa for breakfast, a thick juicy pork chop and some more buttery eggs (for good measure) for lunch (breakfast #2?) and steak dinner thanks to my boyfriend’s mom. 🙂 Steak is always a highlight but while trying to think of a good side (besides the requisite bag of veggie steamers) I came up with cashew-encrusted onion rings!

I have never made onion rings before so I think it will probably go much better next time (and oh yes, there will be a next time for onion rings!) but what we did end up with was really good!

I am sure it would work just as well with almonds or maybe even macadamia nuts, but we had cashews on hand, and hey, what’s not to like about cashews. I pulverized a bunch of them in my blender into a fairly find cashew powder and sliced up some white onion for the rings. Using an egg wash we went along I supposed to about the same way regular onion rings are made, dipping the rings in the egg and then in the cashew dust. Then we friend them in lard! (The lard aftermath/clean up part was pretty gross though.)

The cashew dust got eggy and unpowdery pretty quick so we didn’t end up with as many rings as I would have liked to, but we will be more careful next time! They were excellent, I topped mine with some reduced sugar ketchup.

There is an episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown where he makes leek rings. I think that might be worth trying out sometime. I’ve only cooked leeks once and I am definitely still learning when it comes to those.

So I also wanted to pass along a video at Robb Wolf‘s request (it is posted on his Facebook page). It’s a video of a medical doctor, Dr. Terry Wahls, talking about how she cured her multiple sclerosis by following what is essentially the paleo diet and how the paleo diet can lead us all to healthier lives. It is pretty impressive, check it out.

But the great(er) thing about the paleo diet is that is not all it can do! Here is a news story about a study that involved placing type II diabetics on two different diets, paleo and the Mediterranean diet and compared the results. Care to guess which diet totally crushed its’ opponent? But isn’t the Mediterranean diet supposed to be ultra-healthy? Er, not so much. And the study showed other great benefits of the paleo diet as well.


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  1. Nice read, there. Do drop by my space sometime, I just did my first dessert post and would love to know what you think.

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