Here for a Quickie!

Well I started working on a post about the evils of the sugar-pushers and good stuff like that, but I am getting tired and I need to do some studying and I want to be able to put some more time into it than I can at the moment. So hopefully it will be up soon in the future!

I did want to say a little something (well a little more than something, but time, eh) about this article that lists my hometown as allegedly one of 8 of the “most artery-clogging cities in America”. I’m not denying that heart disease might be rampant in this city, but…well, let me just post the comment I am referring to in particular and then I will continue:

“3. Lubbock, TX Although it’s not a big city compared to other Texas urban centers, 32% of Lubbock residents are obese, in no small part due to the preponderance of artery-clogging steakhouses and barbecue joints.”

Number 3 even! Ok, I am mostly annoyed by the “artery-clogging steakhouses and barbecue joints” part. I don’t know, maybe the author was referring to all those baked potatoes and baskets of rolls being doled out at the steakhouses, and maybe the barbecue sauce sweetened up with plenty of added sugar and those tubs of potato salad at the barbecue joints, and they completely left out the fast-food restaurant on every corner (and everywhere inbetween), and all the doughnut shops, and Starbucks Coffee shops, and on and on.

The author sure does make it sound like steak and barbecue, aka MEAT is the culprit behind Lubbock’s high incidence of obesity. I just have to say it is stuff like this that just keep all the misinformation going, that whole grains are heart healthy and that butter and bacon grease will clog up your arteries and kill you.

I don’t have time to go into it right now unfortunately,  but I will post some links with information on why FAT is good for you and DOES NOT CLOG YOUR ARTERIES, and who/what the real culprit is. This article just kind of pissed me off so I had to say something about it. The article was published by “the editors of Prevention”, you can view the entire article at

Here are some links to some posts on Mark’s Daily Apple (MDA):

Why Fat, Not Carbs, Are the Preferred Fuel for Human Metabolism

The Definitive Guide to Fats

The Definitive Guide to Saturated Fat

Just to get ya started 🙂

So we did have the crab alfredo with the spaghetti squash today. The squash turned our perfectly. It wasn’t a very paleo nor even a very healthy day altogether, dinner was really the only thing close. I have to work on not letting it get me down too much when I slip up on busy, stressful days like today, but I also need to work on my willpower! Here is on more link to a recent post on Robb Wolf’s blog about temptation, CRAZY Cravings: How do cookies, pizza, etc. know your name?? Maybe I should change my name ; )


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