Devil Chicken Salad and My First Paleo Spaghetti!

I have been studying for an exam all day and I am still at it here at midnight, so gonna make this quick! Even with all of the studying we did manage to eat pretty good today.

It was an early to class day so breakfast was skipped as it usually is. I made chicken salad for lunch and since I missed the deviled eggs on Thanksgiving due to working I decided to throw that in too and came up with “Devil Chicken Salad”! It was evil and delicious. Just mixed together two cans of chicken, some mayo, chopped onion, chopped bits of colby-jack cheese, relish, chopped boiled egg, and some jalapeno mustard and ranch. Certainly not 100% paleo, but we work with what we’ve got here and it was quick and easy to whip up and yummy!

So I read over and over again on paleo recipe sites about the different substitutions for pasta to make a paleo spaghetti, and finally we made some and it is definitely a keeper! We used zucchini and yellow squash for the “noodles”. We don’t have access at the moment to a mandolin or a julienner (however you spell those!), we used what I believe was a vegetable peeler and just whittled away! Tossed the “noodles” in some olive oil, black pepper, and sea salt and nuked in the microwave for about two minutes as directed on (love the microwave support there!).

I made meatballs with ground beef. I mixed in 1 whole egg and a variety of spices we have on hand (salt, pepper, dried oregano, rosemary, garlic seasoning, sesame seeds, crushed red pepper) as well as some finely chopped red onion. I formed them into good-sized balls, ready to cook.

I browned them in a pan with a couple TBSP of lard then poured in the sauce and let it simmer for a while. We just had a jar of spaghetti sauce we had on hand but in the future I hope to make my own more paleo friendly sauce.

Finally it was all ready and we were both really impressed with the “noodles” and my spicy meatballs! It was actually very filling and really didn’t take an incredibly long time to put together. I sprinkled some shredded Gouda cheese on top for good measure.

We have a spaghetti squash waiting around, we are planning on a crab alfredo to go with that (we have some canned crab and some store-bought alfredo sauce on hand.)

We are loving the paleo-inspired pasta substitutes!




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